I was overwhelmed last year by the reaction to my Christmas Composites, so I have decided to offer them again this year, for those of you wanting something a little different, I will explain a little bit about how they work and incude a before an after for you to see how I work my magic!

Firstly a little imagination helps when shooting for composites so some of these images will be best suited to children who are old enough to take instruction, some can be done with younger ones, so if you are unsure please contact me for more information. 

A short appointment will be made for you to come to the studio so I can photography your child/ren in the pose needed for your chosen backdrop, you are then free to go and I will do the rest in editing, these differ to my christmas mini's as there is no themed background set up in my studio, please see my before and after for an example.

Each image is priced individually, and you can book in for as many as you like, your final image is delivered to you as a digital image with full printing rights.

1 x digital composite image is £35.00


                                                        BEFORE                                                                                                                                                                               AFTER